The idea of the Research Institute for the Integration of World Thought is proposed by Rev. Sun Myung Moon on July 8.


The Research Institute for the Integration of World Thought is established (incorporated on November 22, 2000) and a first seminar is held in Bridgeport, CT.


A second seminar for Unification Thought Scholars is held at the University of Bridgeport on August 18. The archives of CAUSA International are completed. An exhibit and a website document Rev. Moon’s educational and other initiatives contributing to the ideological and political downfall of communism.


The Research Institute is granted 501(c)(3) tax exempt status on September 16.

Publication of a special issue of the Journal of Unification Thought based on the August 2001 seminar on UT at the University of Bridgeport: Vol. IV, 2001-2002.

A series of seminars on Unification Thought are held by Dr. Jung Chang Choi, head of the Institute, throughout the year for faculty and staff of the University of Bridgeport, the Bridgeport International Academy, and the New Hope School. Similar seminars will be held in the following years.


Publication of the English translation of An Introduction to the Thought of Sun Myung Moon. Unification Thought and V.O.C. Theory. New York: HAS-UWC.

March to Moscow: The Role of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon in the Collapse of Communism, Paragon House, 2003 is published by Dr. Thomas J. Ward.

Course WREL-215 - Unification Thought is approved as a regular course offered at the University of Bridgeport’s College of Public and International Affairs. This course, first taught in 2002, will continue to be offered on a regular basis under the name of Unification Philosophy.


The Research Institute of Uruguay is created.


Unification Thought in Current Academic Discourse: first seminar in Spanish held in Montevideo, Uruguay, May 11-14, bringing together 10 academics from Bridgeport with some 50 academics and key government leaders from Uruguay.

The passing of Alison Yeonsil Choi on June 13.

Alison Yeonsil Choi served as administrator of the Research Institute for the Integration of World Thought at the time of her passing in June 2005.


Translation into Spanish of An Introduction to the Thought of Sun Myung Moon—Unification Thought and VOC.


Symposium at the University of Bridgeport on “Unification Thought and Peace Studies.” 12 Sessions. Certificates issued.


Publication of “Unification Thought’s Insights into Gandhi’s Approach to Peace” by Dr. Thomas J. Ward in Journal of Unification Studies, Volume XIII - (2012) 113-138, based on a presentation at the December 2011 Unification Thought Symposium in Tokyo, Japan.


Publication of Unification Perspectives on Peace and Conflict Transformation (273 pages, published by UTI Korea, February 2013), co-authored by Dr. Thomas J. Ward and Dr. Claude Perrottet.


“Reverend Moon—A Man of Great Ideas—An Academic Symposium” is held at the University of Bridgeport, July 11-13. Papers on various topics related to the theme of the Symposium are presented by Unificationist scholars.  


An online Certificate Course in Unification Philosophy based on a course taught at the University of Bridgeport by Dr. Claude Perrottet is made available to the general public in September. The course can be accessed here. This open version with an adapted content was prepared due to a large demand.

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Numerous UT seminars are held by Professor Gerry Servito across the United States and the world, receiving an exceptionally positive reception in various locations and with a variety of audiences. This allowed for the dissemination of the Institute’s vision beyond the bounds of academia. It notably led to the promotion of the Online Certificate Course.


A Working Session on Reverend Moon and the Collapse of Communism is held on July 22-24 at the University of Bridgeport’s College of Pubic and International Affairs (CPIA). Attended by more than 20 speakers and additional participants, the session would serve as a preparatory meeting towards the publication by Dr. Ward of the feature article of the September 2017 issue of the International Journal of World Peace (vol. XXXIV, No. 3), “Centennial of the Bolshevik Revolution and Reflections on a Civil Society Actor.”

Participants include Dr. Ki Hun Kim (chairman, FFWPU North America), Dr. Jin Choon Kim (Chairman, Cheon Beob Won, Korea) Neil Albert Salonen (President, University of Bridgeport), Daniel Fefferman, Bill Gertz, William Lay (Attorney and Associate Professor, College of Public and International Affairs, University of Bridgeport), Tom McDevitt (Chairman, The Washington Times), Michael Jenkins, Michael Balcomb (President, FFWPU USA), William Selig, Dr. Mark Barry, Larry Moffitt (former Executive Director, World Media Association and former vice-president, United Press International), Dr. Thomas J. Ward (former Executive Vice-President, CAUSA International; Dean, CPIA and Vice-President for Internationalization, University of Bridgeport), and Dr. Claude Perrottet (Secretary-general, Research Institute for the Integration of World Thought).


“On the Centennial of the Bolshevik Revolution: Rethinking a Failed Experiment in Light of UT.” Conference sponsored by Professors World Peace Academy and the Research Institute for the Integration of World Thought, October 13-14, CPIA, University of Bridgeport. A follow-up to the 2016 Working Session, this event specifically explores Unification views and responses to the proliferation and demise of Marxism-Leninism and then looks beyond that period to the challenges that we face in today's world and the role that UT can play in addressing them. Attendees include Dr. Gordon Anderson, Secretary-General of Professors World Peace Academy; Dr. Thomas Selover, President of PWPA International and President of SunHak UP Graduate University; Richard L. Rubenstein, President Emeritus, University of Bridgeport; Neil Albert Salonen, President, University of Bridgeport; Dr. Jung Chang Choi, President, Research Institute for the Integration of World Thought.


Full overhaul of the Institute’s website

Application for NGO status with the United Nations


Unification Thought Week, East Garden (Irvington, NY), July 2019: A New Chapter Begins. This week included a 1-Day seminar on the theme of “Good, Evil and the Role of the Research Institute in the revival of the Christian world” and a 1-Week training seminar for young Unification Thought lecturers, held by Prof. Gerry Servito.

Online seminar entitled “Turning the Page – Change of the Guard,” November 13-14, 2020. The seminar included presentations on themes germane to the institute’s key interest; reports on online teaching of graduate courses on Unification Thought and related themes by Dr. Ward and Dr. Perrottet at the Unification Theological seminary; and an online program (including practical training) held by Prof. Servito, aimed at creating certified lecturers in UT; addresses by senior representatives of the Institute; and the presentations of awards and certificates.