We are happy to introduce a new initiative of the Research Institute: the World Thought Forum Webinar Series.

For our first webinar, we will welcome Dr. Claude Perrottet, Senior Research Fellow of the Institute, to give a presentation on “World Peace: Facing the Curse of Endless Approximation.” In Dr. Perrottet’s words, 

So-called Positive Peace is peace that is more than the temporary absence of violent confrontation. Defining what that “more” really is proves difficult, however. Permanent World Peace is rarely, if ever, presented as a realistic goal. More than 2 centuries ago, Immanuel Kant introduced the notion of Perpetual Peace that has inspired the creation of the United Nations. He spoke of the Kingdom of God on Earth as the incarnation of that perpetual peace – but with the caveat that it would remain an endless approximation. The Unificationist approach to Peace involves a multitude of projects and organizations, but its most unique contribution is its challenge to that notion of endless approximation as an insurmountable obstacle. 

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